For information not listed below regarding local parks, please contact the Recreation Dept. at (248) 547-5535.


BMX Course at Fuller Park:
On Melville between Woodward Heights & Tucker

Community Garden:
On Merrill between E Elza & E Milton

Dog Park:

On Couzens between E Mapledale & E Garfield

Felker Park:
On Felker between Easterling & Battelle

Green Acres Park:
Adjacent to the Recreation Center at 620 W Woodward Heights

Karam Park:
On Couzens between 10 Mile Rd. & Woodward Heights

Kennedy Park:
On Merrill between E Otis & E Pearl

Madge Park:
On E Madge between Russell & Hughes

Maxlow Park:
On W Maxlow between West End & Ford

Scout Park:
On E Otis & Russell

Sutar-Sutarek Park:
On Caledonia between E Granet & E Meyers

Tuski Park:
On Tucker between Vassar & Cayuga