Zoning and Sign Information

Zoning Ordinance

Below is a link to the City of Hazel Park's Zoning Ordinances (Chapter 17 of the City Code):

Zoning Ordinance - Please see the link to the first half of the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 17.01-17.30 and the second half of the Ordinance 17.34-17.64.  

If there are any questions or concerns, please call the Planning Department at 248.546.4060 or email Jeff Campbell at jcampbell@hazelpark.org.

Zoning Map:

City of Hazel Park Zoning Map.  To view the map on your mobile device click here.


The sign ordinance requires that every operating business have a sign.  In addition, the Sign Ordinance calls for higher sign standards that will improve the appearance of our business corridors:

Sign Ordinance
Sign Permit
Sign Appeal Form

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Sign Ordinance, please contact Jeff Campbell at the Planning Department at 248.546.4060 or by email at jcampbell@hazelpark.org.