Policy & Procedures

Water Billing Procedures

  • Residential and Commercial accounts are sent a water bill monthly (starting 8/1/2010)
  • The bill reflects charges incurred during the last billing period and any outstanding balance
  • The due date is approximately 20-25 days after the bill is mailed
  • 10% penalty is added to the current unpaid bill the day after the due date
  • Approximately 10-15 days later, a shut-off notice will be mailed if the bill remains unpaid
  • Bills must be paid by the date shown on the shut-off notice, or the water service will be shut-off.

There is a drop-box located in the City Hall parking lot for after hour payment.  Payments made after business hours are posted the next business day, and are subject to a penalty. Please call (248) 546-4076 for details.

Starting August 1, 2010, there will no longer be Partial Payment Agreements (PPA's) made or past due bills mailed out. The past due amount will be included in the regular bill.

Turn on Policy
Once water service has been shut-off for non-payment, residents must sign a turn-on form at the Water Department.  The form will reflect a $50.00 turn-on fee assessed on the next regular bill.
If the shut-off is for a repair, a $20.00 turn-on fee will be assessed on the next bill.

Minimum Bill Policy
If a building or home has a water service line, stop box, or is connected to the water/sewer system, then a minimum bill will be charged monthly even if the water is off and the meter is pulled.  This is because the City still has to maintain the stop box and the water/sewer line for future use.

Request Water Shut Off
To have the water shut off at a property for repairs or because the property is vacant, the property owner, or someone authorized by the property owner, must come in to the water department. We will need to make a copy of your driver’s license or State ID, and you will be required to sign a form stating that you are the owner or have authorization from the owner to shut the water off.

Bills and billing histories are available online for free. If you choose not to use this service copies of bills or billing histories must be requested in person at the water department, there will be a charge of $1.00 per page.

Emergency Overtime Calls
There will be an overtime charge for any calls made after business hours, when an issue is determined to be at fault of the Homeowner or Business. 

Water Bill Assistance Agencies
Residents requesting assistance need to contact these agencies directly for eligibility. The City cannot contact them for you.

  • OLSHA - Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency - 248-209-2600
  • OC-DHS - Oakland County Department of Human Services - 248-975-4800
  • WRAP - Water Residential Assistance Program - 313-334-2407
  • Salvation Army - 248-334-2407
  • Catholic Charities - 248-537-3300


Water Service Line Responsibilities
Click here to see diagram
View the diagram to see City vs. Property Owner for the responsibility of the water service.

Sewer Line System Responsibilities
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View the diagram to see City vs. Property Owner for the responsibility of the sewer service.