Sidewalk Replacement Program

The City of Hazel Park has recently started a Sidewalk Replacement Program. (please see the map to determine the sections).

Please see the City Sidewalk Ordinance

We will be completing Section 4 in the Spring of 2018.  (please see the map to determine the sections).


The City of Hazel Park has received several concerns regarding the condition of sidewalks in the community over the past few years. For the safety and evolution of the community, the city has decided to reinstate a Sidewalk Replacement Program that has not been utilized since the 1980’s. 


The City Sidewalk Ordinance states that:

12.04.030 Unsafe condition unlawful: It is unlawful for any person to cause or permit any sidewalk adjoining his or her premises to fall into a state of disrepair or to become unsafe for pedestrian travel. 

12.04.040 Unsafe sidewalk repair—Notice: Whenever it becomes necessary for the city to build, rebuild or repair any sidewalk, or cause the same to be done on any separate or single lot in the city, after the notice, as required in Section 12.04.040, the city manager shall report to the council the total cost for such improvement and the council shall, without further notice, establish a special assessment district for the same and authorize the levying of a tax against the premises benefitted by such improvement, payable forthwith, plus interest at the rate of six percent, provided the same is not paid within thirty (30) days after the approval of such assessment roll. 

If you would like to review the entire ordinance please visit the city website or contact the DPW.


Replacement Options

Within 30 days of receipt of this letter:

  • You may either elect to replace the walk yourself or hire a contractor. If you or your contractor do the replacement, all work and materials must meet the City’s sidewalk specifications. A right of way permit with a bond, inspection and a declaration of insurance covering any damage to right of way is required with the Building Department (248-546-4075) prior to the pour.  Permit and inspection fees will be waived by the city. 
  • Otherwise after 30 days the City’s Contractor will perform the work.


Payment for City Contractor doing the replacement:

  • If the City’s contractor does the work,      you will be assessed and sent an invoice with the final amount you will be      charged.
  • You may pay the assessment in a lump sum,      or divide the payment quarterly.       Lump sum payments will be discounted five (5%) percent.
  • Payments will be made to the City of      Hazel Park at the Treasurers Department in City Hall (248-546-4062)
  • If payments are not paid by the due date      on your invoice, charges will be assessed onto your taxes.

Before Replacement

  • If      your parcel has a sprinkler system please advise this office at (248)      542-0340 prior to construction and mark the sprinkler heads.
  • If      sidewalks are marked for replacement because a tree has made them unsafe      the City will be paying the cost for root grinding and the cost of      sidewalk replacement will be charged to the property owner.  Regardless      if it is a City tree.

During Replacement

  • If      sidewalks are marked for replacement in your driveway, you may lose access      for a short period of time. The contractor will notify you before      replacement. Street Maintenance Parking Enforcement will be suspended      until work is completed.

After Replacement

  • Please      wait until all barricades are removed before walking or driving over any      of the new concrete and please do not write in any new cement. If this      happens you are subject to a replacement cost if it becomes damaged and      needs replacement. Also if you see anyone vandalizing new cement please      contact the DPW Office 248-542-0340 or after hours: the Police Department      248-542-6161

Area Restoration

  • After      the concrete work is complete the contractor will restore any landscaping      to the previous state. After all replacements are complete within that      section.

     * If additional replacement is      needed beyond the first estimated replacement to make sidewalk grades      correct, please understand this is an estimated total and is subject to      change.

  • For      comparison purposes the anticipated city rate for a four inch thick      concrete walk is $125.00      and six inch driveway slabs at $150.00. Any sidewalks that are within the driveway are      required to be six inches thick to withstand being drove across.


Any questions or concerns please contact:


The Department of Public Works

(248) 542-0340



If you are not in the Current Section and would like sidewalk replacement by our contractor, you are required to pay up front and in full.  Contact the Department of Public Works Mon-Thurs, 7:00am to 3:00pm.

Hazel Park Sidewalk Replacement Program Section Map