Rezoning on Carlisle

There have been some questions regarding the rezoning of west side of Carlisle.  Hazel Park followed proper legal procedures when amending Hazel Park’s Zoning Map in August of 2021.  Because there are more than 11 adjacent properties that were to be rezoned, the notice was published in the paper and put on the City’s website.  For all the other properties that are contiguous to businesses along John R (e.g., Coy, Harry, Brickley, Meyers, Madge) that were rezoned from Single-Family Residential to a Parking District in March of 2016, the identical process was followed.  A public hearing was held in-person and via Zoom on August 3, 2021, on the proposed zoning amendments at the Planning Commission meeting.  For all members present, the Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the rezoned properties on Carlisle.  The City Council unanimously approved the Planning Commission’s recommendation on August 10, 2021. 

The amendment of the zoning map on Carlisle meets with planning principles to ensure there is enough parking in Hazel Park.  Failure to provide parking will result in people parking on side streets, particularly Carlisle, as there is action to develop numerous under-utilized lots on John R that border Carlisle.  Further, the rezoning of Carlisle conforms to other lots on Mahan, Brickley, Coy, Meyers, Madge, and many more lots that border businesses along John R.  In addition to the lots along John R, there are parking lots adjacent to neighborhoods on Stauber, Powell, Woodruff, Goulson, E. George, Muir, etc. 
Amendments were also made to the ordinance making sure that homes along Carlisle will not be nonconforming, meaning that if a fire occurs or there is catastrophic damage to a storm, the home can be replaced in the exact same manner.   This helps ensure that single-family residential homes along Carlisle maintain their value.

Further, there is local evidence that living next to a parking lot shows no detrimental effect on the value of a home.  Please see the following actual assessed values for a few homes that are directly next to parking lots in Hazel Park. 

AV=Assessed Values.

Address           AV in 2013    AV in 2021    Redfin Est.    Est.   Zillow Est.           Average

45 E. Mahan    $20,320        $50,410         $146,334       $164,400        $146,000                        $152,245

42 E. Garfield   $23,700       $51,030         $160,234       $162,000         $134,100                       $152,111

54 Andresen    $19,120        $42,300         $165,526      $126,700          $134,100                        $142,109

39 E Meyers     $23,940        $64,710         $197,441      $168,600          $170,400                        $178,814

40 E Hayes       $8,580            $19,340         $68,778        $80,800             $82,700                           $77,426


Some of these single-family homes are located next to new or newly expanded parking lots, while other homes are next to parking lots that have been established for years.  In each case, the assessed value of the property/home increased over the last 9 years.  Generally, a conservative sales price for a home is double the assessed value of the property.  The average estimated sales price of these homes (based on estimates from three online sites) are all almost triple the 2021 assessed value.  Thus, the erection of parking lots is not affecting the sales prices of neighboring homes.