Hazel Park Promise Zone

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How Promise Zones Work

Promise Zones are a unique approach to creating community-based universal scholarship programs to raise educational attainment levels and promote economic development.  The zones are public-private partnerships led by Promise Zone Authorities composed of local public officials and private sector leaders.

Promise Zones are “last dollar” college scholarship programs that make sure students receive every dollar of need-based aid they qualify for.  While this aid may pay most or even all of a student’s tuition bill, it’s the guarantee of the Promise that gives students of all ages confidence that they can afford to go to college.

Promise community leaders raise private funds, in donations of all sizes, to help pay for their scholarships.  Promise Zones are also tax increment financing districts that can use a share of the growth of Michigan’s state property tax to pay for scholarships.

The Hazel Park Promise Zone

Hazel Park has long enjoyed a strong community commitment to quality education. This commitment is highlighted by the Hazel Park Promise Zone. The Promise Zone guarantees all resident graduates of Hazel Park Schools a tuition-free path to an Associate's degree, often through pre-existing scholarships. This opportunity can be used at any accredited trade school, community college, college or university in the state of Michigan. A Promise Zone Scholarship is paid directly to a student's institution to cover tuition and fees only (books excluded). Promise Zone Scholars may receive other merit-based scholarships, but Pell, TIP or other government funding (loans not included) will offset a student's Promise Zone Scholarship. A Promise scholar must be a full-time student and must maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher once they begin college to continue receiving his or her scholarship the initial semester.

To learn more, please contact Executive Director Kayla Roney-Smith at (248) 658-5107 or kaylaroney@hazelparkschools.org. Below is an informational video that highlights many frequently-asked-questions regarding the Promise Zone.